Producer and DJ, Diablo, and rappers Eliozie and Shakewell all linked up to deliver their boisterous collab, “Killing,” along with a feature from Terror Reid, better known by his DJ stage name, Getter. 

From the first note, or even from the title itself, you immediately know the objective of “Killing.” After somewhat easing listeners in with a creeping instrumental intro courtesy of Diablo, Shakewell busts through on the chorus, matching his own energy on the following verse. Shakewell proves the most overtly vulgar, tossing out obscenities with little concern. Eliozie manages to keep up his fast-paced, frenzied flow, delivering bars about “causing bodily harm,” but when Terror Reid proceeds to open his verse with the line, “First off, y’all can eat my limp d*ck like a thin mint,” the song really hits its peak. Check out “Killing” below and let us know what you think of this quartet’s joint effort.

Quotable Lyrics

The enemy of the establishment, the maverick
Comin’ in hot with the hazardous sh*t
In this mothafucka with the baddest b*tch
Accurate aim, leave ’em in a staggering trance, for real
Back to back to back deals
While you whack and lackin’ that skill
Don’t ever touch a mic if you cannot kill
Any motherf*ckin’ beat that could pay your bills, feel?


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