The Bet9ja BBN Saturday Night Party was lit, thanks to DJ Lambo. When the party started skeptics weren’t sure if  DJ Lambo could meet up to the standard set by DJ Big Blast week. The Chocolate City signee was however not taking anything for granted as she gave the housemates interesting jams back to back.

Unlike DJ Big N who left the housemates to themselves while
he played his tunes, DJ Lambo had some moments of banter with the housemates
even telling Mike at some point to give her some proper street dance to which
the latter tried woefully to impress her.

Even though their party clothes didn’t come through, that
didn’t derail them from their party mode and instead they wore their best and
hit the dance floor.

Mercy as usual, was the heart of the party, dancing the
night away like there’s no tomorrow. However, it became interesting to see Tuoyo
and her on a head to head situation on the dance floor which ended up in the
other #Bet9jaBBN housemates joining in.

It was a pretty entertaining night that saw the #Bet9jaBBN
housemates have the fun of their lives.

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