The tragic loss of Drakeo The Ruler continues to be felt in his hometown of Los Angeles and beyond. Last month, the rapper was killed during an altercation at the Once Upon A Time in L.A. festival and since that time, there have been reports about authorities having trouble moving forward with the case because witnesses weren’t being cooperative. As we await more developments, Tianna Purdue, the mother of Drakeo’s five-year-old son, appeared at a press conference where it was announced that a wrongful death lawsuit was being planned.

According to ABC News, a video of the attack on Drakeo was played during the news conference. Attorneys labeled the assault as a “targeted assassination,” as the clip reportedly showed several men wearing red breaking through a backstage area before descending on the rapper and his entourage. The lawyers argued that there were no officers or security guards seen in the area attempting to stop the fray.

Drakeo The Ruler lost his life after being stabbed in the neck and attorney James Bryant intends on proving that promoters Live Nation and Bobby Dee Presents were partially responsible. A wrongful death and negligence lawsuit is reportedly being prepared.

“Mr. Caldwell was lynched by 40 to 60 people,” said Bryant. “This would never have happened if those promoters had the proper security protocol. The world lost an amazing artist, a beautiful human being, a father.”

When ABC News reached out to the promoters for a statement regarding the potential lawsuit, they didn’t directly speak about the allegations of negligence. “Once Upon a Time in LA joins Drakeo’s family, friends, and fans in grieving his loss. The festival is continuing to support local authorities in their investigation as they pursue the facts.”