Earning Dollars By The Bottle, AKA’s Deal Is Diddy Level

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Earning Dollars By The Bottle, AKA’s Deal Is Diddy Level! It is always inspiring for artists who we have watched as a culture grow from stage to stage. AKA has just made a deal that’s not only the first for South Africa, but the whole continent.

According to speeches given at the Cruz Watermelon launch, the rapper’s contract with Cruz Vodka has just gone up to a whole new level. AKA will be earning by the bottle in his partnership with Cruz Vodka which he has had a deal with for over 2 years now with their new venture into the Cruz Watermelon by AKA.

The product will be sold across Africa, from Cape to Cairo automatically meaning more bucks for the Supa Mega. The difference between Supa Mega and other brands is that he signed a deal which he got a cheque for, and has now taken to the next level with their Cruz Watermelon deal. The rapper bragged at the launch about how he and Diddy were probably the only ones who get money by the bottle.

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