EFF warns against shaming failed Matrics: ‘Not the end of the world’


The EFF has reacted to the release of the 2021 Matric results by congratulating all students who managed to persevere amid ‘difficult and uncertain conditions’. The political party insists that this is a commendable feat considering the continued strain imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic which has greatly hindered education. 

The EFF offered a message of support to those who had failed their matric year. Image: EFF/ Twitter

EFF: Flood the gates of Universities

In a statement released acknowledging the results, the EFF urged those who passed to ‘flood the gates of Universities’. 

“The EFF encourages all young people who have been able to pass their matric, particularly with a Bachelors Pass, to flood the gates of Universities and further their education. Matric is the first step in what must be a journey of investment in self-development, which has the potential to uplift South Africa and the continent.” 

Furthermore, the EFF encouraged those who didn’t quite make the cut for University to explore the other options available to them, including enrolling in TVET Colleges. 

“This sector is in dire need of passionate and young students who will pioneer the industrial development of this country on the basis of education in various skills.” 

Red Berets warn SA against shaming those who failed

In addition to this, the EFF dedicated a large portion of their reaction to the results by sending strength to those who tried their best but still failed their year. 

“We send strength to matriculants who have fallen by the wayside and did not pass their exams. We advise these learners to pursue means of improving their results through the various avenues made available by the government and their school. It is not the end of the world, and no one must shame these young people who tried their utmost under difficult conditions, despite their lack of infrastructure and living conditions which adversely affected their performance.”

In conclusion, the EFF highlighted education as one of its key focuses and signaled that it was going to take every action to ensure free education becomes a reality in South Africa.

“The EFF pledges to be at the gates of all higher learning institutions, to ensure that all learners are able to register for free and pursue an academic career without being prejudiced because they are poor. It is now time for real Free Education to be declared and the EFF will be at the forefront of this struggle.”

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