Elaine Takes Us Into The State Of ‘Deja Vu’ In New Single

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Rising Superstar Elaine keeps growing by the day as she takes us into a deep state of thinking and feeling in her new single, ‘Deja Vu’. This single is followed by a rooftop ‘futuristic’ Lyric Video. This serves as Elaine’s 2nd single of the year after ‘Shine’. The song from my analysis talks about a relationship that never really worked out but then yet they find themselves in this loop where they are back together even though one keeps messing up and the other one is just toxic for the other. 

The relationship is practically sustained by this loop as they can’t happen to get enough of one another and this leads to a ‘Deja Vu’ moment. During this musical experience you get to understand the maturity within the vocal notes that Elaine is able to hit and this is heard as the backing vocals support the hook towards the end.

The song for me is a complete masterpiece as it stands out on its own and without a doubt makes a valid statement on what to expect from her forthcoming album as she prepares us to be in our ‘Blues’.

You can stream the single as well as the Lyric Video below:

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