Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple has always been outspoken on Twitter, even if it causes some people to be annoyed. Prior to playing for the Bengals, Apple got to enjoy some time with the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints, although as it stands, it is clear that he much prefers playing for the Bengals, who will get to play in the AFC Championship Game this weekend, against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Speaking of the Giants and Saints, Apple hates those two fanbases. In fact, he even took to Twitter with some harsh words for the two groups, noting that they have always been ungrateful, and don’t know all that much about football.

“Idk which fan base I hate more. Prolly the saints but It’s close wit the giants it’s a toss-up,” Apple wrote. “New Orleans is the dirtiest smelliest city and has the worst food ever. It’s that swine and crawfish thts killin yall brains.”

That last comment about New Orleans set off a lot of people, and rightfully so. As you can see below, Giants and Saints fans started to come at Apple, although the cornerback was there to defend himself the whole way. It made for some hilarious Twitter exchanges, where Apple took shots at Jalen Hurts and Jameis Winston.

In the end, some Saints fans had the last laugh, as they posted compilations of Apple getting cooked by wide receivers. Some theorize his trash-talk will backfire against players like Tyreek Hill, so this Sunday should certainly be a lot of fun.