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Enes Kanter Claps Back At Nick Wright For Calling Celtics A “Disaster”

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Unfortunately, Kanter stole the Tweet.

Enes Kanter was recently acquired by the Boston Celtics after the team lost some of their best players in Al Horford and Kyrie Irving. Irving was eventually replaced by Kemba Walker, although it’s safe to say that both players aren’t of the same caliber. FS1’s Nick Wright has been very critical of the Celtics over the years and today on First Things First, Wright went in on the team, calling them a “disaster.” Wright’s argument is that the team wanted Anthony Davis, Kyrie, and Horford, although that eventually turned into Kanter, Walker, and Tatum.

Kanter saw Wright’s rant and decided to take to Twitter where he hilariously roasted his appearance, saying “The only disaster is that hairpiece.” 

The only problem with Kanter’s retort is the fact that it was completely stolen, word for word, from a commenter in the original thread. If you were to go to the original post, the first comment you see says the exact same thing as Kanter. The only difference is the Twitter user wrote his comment about an hour before Kanter did. Considering the joke is copied verbatim, there’s a solid chance that Kanter was inspired and for a split second, forgot about the ramifications of plagiarism.

Blatant plagiarism aside, the internet had a laugh at Wright’s expense and for some, that’s all that really matters.

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