Esther Igbekele, Gospel artiste talks about her romantic life

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Esther Igbekele, Gospel artiste talks about her romantic life

Popular Gospel artiste, Esther Igbekele has stated that her religious beliefs do not hinder her from being romantic.


According to the Christian singer-songwriter, she is a hopeless Romantic.


Esther Igbekele revealed during the interview session with Sunday Scoop that she has a social life, contrary to the cliche that Christian artistes are conservative.


Speaking during the session, Igbekele had this to say;

I attend a lot of social functions.

Being a gospel singer does not mean I cannot be romantic too.

I have a husband and children, and I celebrate events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has even shown many of us others ways of celebrating ourselves.

I know what it means to be in love.”

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The popular gospel artiste continued;

If one is not in love, one cannot appreciate love or sing about itOne cannot know the taste of something that one has not put in one’s mouth.

If one tastes a particular thing, one would be able to describe the feeling better.

My social life is another interesting part of me. I attend a lot of parties.

I also go out with my family to the beach and other places.

My husband is a businessman, so he is usually busy but I am a romantic person 100 per cent.

“I and my husband have busy schedules but we communicate well and feel good.

I have witnessed and done a lot of surprises for clients. (But), I love things that come naturally and not staged. 

There are unique things that one’s spouse would do that one could not have imagined― that is the type of surprise I like.”

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