Famous Dex & Lil Gotit Engage In A Debaucherous Hotel Party For “Fully Loaded” Visual


The pair call up a few ladies for a twerking hotel party.

Nearly a month after Famous Dex dropped “Fully Loaded” featuring Lil Gotit, they’ve now released the hotel party visual for their single. Throughout the video, the pair are surrounded by a number of women who are wearing barely-there attire and gyrating on the rappers. They move from room to room showing the same scene in a different environment as ladies straddle the men and twerk in their faces.

While there seems to be some sort of smoking activities going on in the video, in April, Dex announced that’s he’s been sober. “I’ve been clean for almost a month because it was just f*cking me up,” he said. “I’m young, I’m 24. I got kids I love and all that, so…I just want to tell my whole youth that listen to me anyway, it ain’t what you do, it’s how you do it. Don’t put sh*t that you don’t want in your body because it’s really killing us, you know.”


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