Fenix Flexin & Louda Lou Pull Out The Big Guns In New Single “Fire Drill”

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Pull the alarms, Fenix Flexin is back. Fresh off of the release of his album Fenix Flexin Vol. 1, he follows it up with his new single, “Fire Alarm.” 

“Fire Alarm,” featuring Louda Lou finds the two artists calling out rappers who stunt and don’t put their money where their mouth is while exploring the themes of drugs, money, and sex — topics that have been heavily explored in Shoreline Mafia’s catalog. The music video showcases him and his group of friends vibing out as he performs the record. 

Following his departure from Shoreline Mafia, who released their independent debut ShorelineDoThatShit in 2017, Fenix Flexin has made strides in his solo career in 2021.  

The rapper announced a slew of shows for the coming months, kicking off in Ontario, CA on Oct. 9th. While tour preparations have definitely kept the rapper busy, he’s still had time to put out new music.

Check out the song and music video below.

Quotable Lyrics

If I f*ck off a perc, I’mma make her squirt
Keep your head up on a swivel, n*gga be alert
Wanna talk being a glock, you gotta get em first 

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