The popular Sabo market in Sagamu area of Ogun State was in the early hours of Tuesday gutted by fire.

Sources say virtually all stalls in the market were destroyed by the fire that was reported to have started around 2:00 am, and no firefighter has been sighted since the incident started.

It is understood that goods worth several millions of naira were destroyed in the inferno

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained as traders count their losses.

This is the latest in a series of fires to raze markets across the country, wreaking untold havoc to market men and women struggling to eke out a living.

Like the fire that gutted the Mushin timber market last week, and others before, the Sabo market fire also began in the middle of the night when the town is asleep – causing maximum destruction.

Before now, many Nigerians on social media have been asking questions over the frequency and intensity of the fires, seeing as such markets have existed without any such incidents for decades.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the causes of these infernos are usually not known.

Occasionally, the fires have been blamed on electrical faults, but without proof, leaving yet more unanswered questions such as why these faults only trigger infernos at the markets.

Oyo governor, Seyi Makinde, promised to rebuild one of the markets completely razed by yet another late night inferno earlier this month: this, however, is not enough.

It is the primary duty of government to safeguard lives and property of the people. Hence, proactive measures must be put in place to ensure this reign of fire ceases.

Furthermore, government must investigate these frighteningly suspicious fires and unearth the root causes behind them.

If it is a case of negligence, then adequate measures should be taken to prevent a recurrence across the markets.

Where economic sabotage is established, the culprits, whoever they are, must be called out and brought to book.

It’s time to put an end to these wicked fires.

Fire, Market, Sagamu


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