Five floor cleaning hacks you never knew

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woman cleaning floor

woman cleaning floor

We probably spend more time cleaning floors than we’d like and yet always feel as though it could be easier. The desire to cut floor-cleaning time in half has led to some innovative and helpful hacks. 

Just think of the hack that suggests using a cup of soapy water poured on the floor as you go along as opposed to using an entire bucket to mop the floor at the end of a long, hard day. 

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Cleaning service Home Reimagined shared their floor cleaning hacks to make cleaning up a little bit easier.

Remove scuffs with a tennis ball

Home Reimagined suggested using a clean tennis ball in the same way you would use a sponge; by rubbing it on scuffs on tiles to remove them easily. Thereafter, you can clean your floors as you normally would.

Renew shine on hardwoods

The page also has an all-natural mixture they suggest using to renew shine on hardwood floors. The mixture consists of; ⅓ cup vinegar, ⅛ cup of olive oil or less, 10 drops of essential oil (or 2-3 tsps of lemon juice), and 5-7 cups of hot water. 

Once you’ve made the mixture, dip your mop in the mixture and mop your floors and follow up by wiping the floor with a microfibre towel afterwards.

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Carpet rake

Not all homes have tiles or hardwood floors, some have carpets and even with a vacuum cleaner, they’re not always easy to clean.

To loosen up hairs and other surface dirt off a carpet, use a carpet rake. You can either pull the dirt off towards the edge of an area rug and sweep it up with a broom and dustpan or you can gather it in one area if you have a wall-to-wall rug and sweep it up or vacuum it. 

Grout steamer

Mopping tiles is not enough, on occasion, a grout steamer is needed for that all-important refresh.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a team to do it, you can hire a grout steamer from a cleaning supply store in your area and give your tiles a refresh yourself. 

Carpet deodoriser

Sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for 10 or more minutes, and follow up with a vacuum.

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