Florida Alligator Crashes Picnic Date, Eats A Block Of Cheese & Bowl Of Guacamole

The gator ate a block of cheese, guacamole, salami, and more after crashing date night.

Florida Gators might be on their way to making more headlines than the Florida Man himself. A couple from Gainesville, Florida was having a lovely picnic together next to Lake Alice when an alligator came to crash the party. WGFL-TV who spoke with the couple, Taylor Forte and Trevor Walters, who recalled their run-in with the hungry alligator. 

“He swims up to the bank and just looks us dead in the eyes and then he immediately just sprints up onto the beach,” Walters said. Forte added that they ran from the blanket after their little buddy popped up for some grub.

“He annihilated an entire block of cheese,” Walters recalled. “Gobbled it down, lickity split. The salami didn’t stand a chance,” Walters continued. “The worst part is we had a big bowl of guac made, he eats the whole bowl. He put the whole bowl in his mouth.”

Despite this, Walters stood his ground. He explained that he pulled off “the bear scare” when one gets up and make themselves look big. Thankfully, it worked and the alligator made his way back into the water. 

Karen Parker of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission said that the gator was probably fed before and could possibly associate people with food at this point. Unfortunately for the gator, this means that he’ll be removed for public safety. “We call our trappers and they catch the gator that’s causing problems,” Parker said. “They keep the gator for its hide and meat.”

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