Frans Karoo gives God the third degree in his debut single and video “O God” – Texx and the City


To most, asking God where he is and if he cares about the poor – the bottom-of-the-rung labourers who keep our world turning – would be a question asked with earnestness and a cosmic seriousness, but Frans Karoo has other ideas for his debut single.

Smacking of Bob Dylan at his most deadpan and apathetic, “O God” poses these timeless, philosophically stumping questions with all the emotion of a numb-drunk cynic who’s scrutinised humanity too much to give a shit, but knows that the sensible and logical thing would be to change the way society treats itself.

Adding an extra layer of intrigue to proceedings is a psychedelic stream-of-consciousness lyric video – easily one of the most engaging I’ve ever seen – that, in all its mind-glitching absurd glory, induces a skin-scratching kind of existential anxiety.

Where God might have gone, and why he seems to prefer the few to the many, are questions that will probably haunt humanity for a good many centuries to come, but Frans Karoo’s “O God” paints them with a refreshingly pragmatic brush.

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