Without a shadow of a doubt, Freddie Gibbs is one of the funniest rappers on social media. Unfortunately, for the last few months, we have had to find other pages to keep us entertained on Instagram after the 39-year-old rapper was banned from the platform but on Wednesday, he officially returned under a new username, immediately sharing the wildest content on his Stories.

Kicking off his new account’s activity with an animated Simpsonized version of himself, Gangsta Gibbs taunted Mark Zuckerberg and the higher-ups at Instagram, writing, “Ok Instagram U wanna play?” He followed that up with a video of a woman urinating in front of a fast-food restaurant’s counter, and a photo dump of recent memes he has enjoyed. 

Fans of the rapper know that his Instagram Stories can be some of the most entertaining moments on the entire social platform and Gibbs did not disappoint. He started off by reacting to Smokey Robinson keeping it playa with a “Pushin P” joke. Then, he clowned Floyd Mayweather by sharing a picture of the all-time great boxer seated at a table filled with money, joking that we’re lucky he doesn’t know how to read because he would definitely be taking part in the viral “money challenge.” He went on to troll his latest rival, DJ Akademiks, for frothing at the mouth during a live stream with a woman. 

Already though, it looks like Gibbs could get banned again, as he revealed one of his posts was reported and removed for violating Instagram’s community guidelines.

Do you think he’ll be on the platform for a long time or is it only a matter of time before this page gets taken down too?