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Gigi Calls Nadia A Huge Guide And Torch Bearer! It seems SA Hip Hop is coming together for the first time seeing rappers like Nadia and Gigi who previously didn’t get along sing praises of each other.

Gigi Lamayne recently some rather kind words about Nadia Nakai commending her for being the guide and torch bearer for women in SA Hip Hop. There has been a lot of talk on social media with fans trashing Nadia Nakai for calling herself the queen of rap.

“To @Nadia_nakai for being the realest I know to date. Thank you for being such a huge guide and torch bearer for women in Hip Hop,” tweeted Gigi. Nadia Nakai saw this tweet from Gigi and responded thanking her for the support and also commending her work.

“Thank you so much Gigi! Thank you for being soo real with me too!!!! Supporting me WHILE killing everything you do!” read Nadia’s response tweet.


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