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Gigi Lamayne takes advice from black Twitter

It’s pretty difficult to take advice from a movement that literally dragged you from hell and back..



…but Gigi showed some maturity and took Black Twitter’s comments with a pinch of salt.

On Sunday, Gigi Lamayne found herself at the mercy of black Twitter as users of the social media platform let it be known that her recent pictures were not quite flattering and more than anything hurt her brand rather than help elevate it.

Although we must say that some of the comments were more of an insult rather than a piece of advice.

However, Gigi took it to the chin like a champ and made some changes with regards to her brand. The rapper has announced that she’s looking for a stylist to help style her look.


The news was met with a lot of positive responses from the masses. So if you think you’re that person to help change Gigi’s style, send your portfolio to her A.S.A.P

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