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HBO Now Subscribers Remained Although “Game Of Thrones” Ended

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HBO Now subscribers are loyal after all.

HBO is host to a slew of our favorite shows which include the Game of Thrones franchise and with the series recently ending, the platform was certain to see a fluctuation in their subscriptions. HBO was looking at a huge potential loss in their HBO now subscribers after the final season of the fantasy epic aired, however app analytics specialists at Sensor Tower are indicating otherwise. According to them, the network has been doing just fine based on their revenues thus far, although it may be a bit too early to say so. The data provided by Sensor Tower shows that HBO Now was still able to retain 84% of their revenue from recent subscribers. The latter stemmed from looking at the first billing cycle following the full airing of Game of Thrones season finale. Although losing 16% of its subscribers was much worse than the 7% dropped which occurred after the seventh season of Game of Thrones, it is still far less than they thought they would lose.

In fact, the season six finale saw a 40% drop in subscribers in 2016 while season five saw a 22% drop. “The app’s gross revenue on the first billing cycle for new subscribers after the premiere was $1.9 million. For the first billing cycle following the show’s finale, this dropped to $1.6 million,” shared Sensor Tower’s head of mobile insights, Randy Nelson.


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