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“He Would Be Drake Status”

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600Breezy reflected on the passing of L’A Capone in a recent interview with VladTV.

While 600Breezy deals with the aftermath of his Alabama arrest on charges that he was a “fugitive from justice,” VladTV has been slowly releasing clips from a recent interview in which the Chicago rappers gets into a handful of sensitive subjects. 

600Breezy, who had already been featured in multiple VladTV interviews, spoke at length about his interactions with Drake and Travis Scott, his time behind bars, and the beginnings of the Chicago drill movement. 

Speaking about Chief Keef, Lil Jojo and a handful of other artists and pivotal, early-2010s Chicago drill moments, DJ Vlad arrived on L’A Capone, a promising rapper and 600Breezy associate who was murdered in 2013. After Vlad asked how L’A Capone’s murder affected him, Breezy revealed the emotions he felt then, and still feels today. 

“It was fucked up,” he told DJ Vlad. “Knowing what he was about to do for his self and for his family, for his moms and shit, you know what I’m saying? He was a superstar. That’s the reason I started rapping. I started rapping because my opps was dissing him and I felt like n****s wasn’t doing it right. They wasn’t dissing back, they wasn’t, you know what I’m saying? They wasn’t repping LA how I wanted them to so I made ‘Don’t Get Smoked’ and soon as the song come on I scream ‘LA!’.”

Along with explaining the genesis of his rap career, 600Breezy made some bold statements about the potential he saw in L’A Capone. 

He was the n***a that n****s wanna be,” he said.” Right now he would be bigger than Durk, Thugga, Kanye. I feel like he would be Drake status ’cause he that nice … bigger than Keef. That’s just how I feel personally.” 

What do you think? Is 600Breezy wrong? Or would L’A Capone really be as big as Ye and Drake are today? Let us know down in the comments. 

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