#IdolsSA Top 17

The Idols SA Theatre Week is widely known as the toughest part in the journey to the top for any contestant. Filled with new territories and daunting challenges, the gruelling phase of the competition seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff and select only those truly worthy of singing for your votes. But for those who may still be wondering what it is about this phase of the show that makes it so tough, here’s a quick breakdown.

There’s no telling what the judges will decide to do, how they’ll structure the performances and how to guess if you’re staying or going. Further yet, the judges give little feedback in the early stages of the round which means you’re often left wondering whether you truly slayed on stage! This can then turn nerves all the way up for contestants and make it harder to concentrate on practising for their performance. You need to have some strong resolve to make it through and stay focused on what’s important.


How do they do it? That’s the question running through everyone’s minds this week as the judges prepare to select the final 17 contestants for a group of 32 incredibly gifted singers. It comes as no secret that this is the toughest part yet for our judges, Unathi, Randal and Somizi but it has to be done none the less. As these are the final few who will go on to have the honor of singing for your votes LIVE on Idols SA

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