How to dispose of your masks CORRECTLY: Step-by-step guide


With South Africans no longer required to wear masks, you may be tempted to simply bin them in bulk.

But wait!

Below, a few quick and easy steps that will make a big difference to the environment – and maybe even save a life.

Cut the straps at BOTH ends as this will help prevent wildlife from getting entangled.

It’s advisable to then place them directly into the trash as disposable masks, which are mostly made of plastic, are typically not suitable for recycling.

And it’s always a good Samaritan idea to pick up and dispose of any masks you may find littering your neighbourhood.

Hang onto a couple of masks in case!

It may also be a good idea to hang onto a couple of masks as one never knows whether the health minister will reimpose a mandate to cover up, especially if Covid-19 cases spike following the decision to make wearing them non-compulsory.

In summary: Snip the straps and put them in the trash!

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