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Ice-T & Coco’s Daughter Gives Twerk Lessons To Her Grandma On Instagram

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Chanel steals the show on Coco’s Instagram once again.

As noted in her Instagram bio, 42-year-old Coco Austin is a “super mom” to her daughter, Chanel, which means the two spend plenty of time together. The Los Angeles native frequently shares content with her daughter on social media, and over the weekend, the young girl’s grandma even got in on the fun.

If you scroll through Austin’s IG story, you’ll see plenty of footage of her celebrating the recent holiday with her family and gearing up for Christmas. Near the end of the posts, she snuck in some footage of Chanel educating her grandma on how to twerk.

“So, you go like this,” the young girl says, bending over to stick her butt out while putting her hands on her knees. “And then you go,” she instructs, giving her behind a little shake. “But what are you doing? Do I do squats, or what are you doing with your butt?” her grandma inquires.

“Wait, what are you guys doing exactly?” Coco then chimes in. “What are you doing?” she asks again before her daughter enthusiastically yells, “twerking!” “You’re teaming [my] mom how to twerk?” the Angel Blade actress asked her daughter once again.

“I don’t know how to do it,” Grandma says, waving her hands in frustration. The little girl then demonstrates a different twerking method, getting on all fours and pointing her bottom directly in the air. As her mom follows suit, Coco says, “Oh…My…God,” with a laugh. “This is what you do when family’s over. Ohhh my gosh.”

Just a few days ago, the Ice & Coco star also shared a sweet post about her daughter, giving some insight into their life together. “I teach Chanel working out and staying and staying healthy, you’ll always pretty much be a happy person. I also tell her if she has flexibility now she’ll have it forever. I can vouch for that.. Staying fit is a lifestyle there’s no work at it, its just what you do everyday.”

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