If you don’t do something now, you will have no home to go – Charlyboy charges Nigerians in Diaspora

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A Nigerian controversial entertainer, singer and songwriter, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charlyboy has urged Nigerians in diaspora to take necessary actions against alleged bad governance affecting the youths in the country.

In an interview in London, the 71-year-old music producer said until Nigerians living in foreign countries, proffer solutions to crises ravaging the country, they may have no “home to go back to and that will be so sad”.

According to him, when frustrated Nigerians leave the shore of the country to another man’s land, they prosper and excel, stating that they have projected the country in good image.

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He said, “All our hopes hing on Nigerians and I have always maintained that the salvation of this country lies in the hands of this exceptional people.

“But why is the government insensitive when it comes to the welfare of the people ? Why is it that when fellow frustrated Nigerians leave the shores of the country, they prosper, they excel, they spread their wings and so marvelously.

“In fact, they are the set and group of people without which Nigeria would really be a shit hole country. But these youths that have left the shore of Nigeria have done so well. So what is it in Nigeria that actually kills the dream of young people?

“The youths are very important. Nigerians in London are always feeling like fish out of water because regardless of how well they do here, they will rather prefer to do well back home.

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“But because of how things are, they can’t go back home, so it behooves you guys in the diaspora to see what you are going to do about this or else, you won’t have a home to go back to and that will be so sad.

“You guys can put yourselves together and go to the government of wherever you are and agitate, show them all the proves you have on the genocide that today”.

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