Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has reacted to comments credited to the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole on Friday, November 8th over the “mosquito buzz” comment he made.

It was learnt that Oshiomole referred to the political uproar and supremacy fight between him and Obaseki as a “buzzing mosquito around the ear”.

Oshiomole reportedly said, “the test of leadership is when a mosquito is blowing your ear, if you keep quiet nobody will hear and if you shout mosquito, mosquito, everybody will hear. May we not be provoked by it.”

Obaseki fired back at Oshiomhole while addressing audience at the Edo Women Summit as part of activities to mark his 3rd year anniversary.

He said, “they say we are mosquito, but we will show them that mosquito can cause malaria and if you are not careful, malaria will kill you.”

Obaseki declared that Edo would not produce another generation of touts especially with the investment in the education sector.

He stated that his administration has opened up the political space that people did not need to be mobilised to attend political rallies, adding that in the sector, his administration had made tremendous progress, including EdoBest, were headed by women.

“Edo belongs to all of us and not a few individuals. Edo is on the move and more things are coming. The fight we have been fighting about stable electricity will be won by next year,” he declared.  He, therefore, warned his supporters, including the women wing of the APC, to be ready to fight for their right to good governance.


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