A lot has happened in Los Angeles’ hip-hop scene since prominent West Coast rapper 03 Greedo got locked up in 2018. Shoreline Mafia has broken up, new acts have emerged, and Drakeo the Ruler was tragically murdered a few weeks ago. The world continues to react to Drakeo’s murder, which happened backstage at a music festival in Los Angeles. The festival was set to be Drakeo’s second performance in his hometown since getting released from prison earlier in the year.

03 Greedo worked extensively with Drakeo during his life. On Monday morning (January 24), the rapper shared a tribute post for the late Stinc Team leader, explaining why it took him a few weeks to make his post.

“R. I. P. Drakeo The Ruler,” wrote the incarcerated rapper. “I wanted to wait until I felt like a lot of the clouts post died down because this one really crushed me. I lost a lot of homies, family, and industry friends while I’ve been locked up but to loose my evil twin f*cked me up. I wake up every day wishing I made parole so I could convinced you to move out of LA with me and focus on the music. To loose your n***as you made your first millions with before even coming home to enjoy it, is mind blowing. Coming home to Shoreline broken up and no Ketchy or Drakeo we still have so many hot songs we haven’t shown the world.

I remembered when I signed my deal I got a room at the Ritz for a month and the first people I called was the Stincs and the drummers. We sipped lean, drank champagne ate steaks and lobsters until we passed out over and over. We shot ‘Let’s go”’video the same day. Saw I shot ‘Like a N***a’ and a few days after me and Ketchy shot a video it was like we won a championship. The wave of the city! No low riders, no khakis, no chucks, foreign cars, designer, burglaries, pimping and trapping in our stories. Actual punch lines in our lyrics and beautiful melodies even when I was losing my voice. Ralfy, Ketchy, Bambino and the Stincz was all there to push us to keep recording and someone always beat somebody to the guest verse. I remembered talking to each other from the jail phones and getting write Ups because of prison was here with global tell recording. It wasn’t one call where you wouldn’t rap or tell me about a new chain. You did all that time in solitary and was fighting life but would just be laughing out loud. Lol, my boy was a real deal lunatic and a f*cking genius.”

Greedo continued his thoughts in the comments section, adding, “I’m just happy you got to beat that case and come home to be too level Drakeo. Me and Dubb was talking about that and laughing from keeping from crying. He said you’ve became super sayin Drakeo! Best cars, best jewelry and talking all your sh*t while shining. They asked why we shot a song called ‘Out the slums’ on Rodeo Drive. It was our way of showing out on our city street. N***as get it out the mud, get on the freeway for 20 minutes and be around rich peoples. We from where a lot of trends start at and never get credit. I’m going to keep that movement going and I’m going to forever keep your name ringing.”

Read 03 Greedo’s full tribute to Drakeo the Ruler below. Long Live Drakeo.

Screenshot via @03greedo on Instagram