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I’m Responsible “To Learn About” His Culture

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“Interresponsible” is Jeannie Mai’s new favorite word.

Ever since Jeannie Mai and Jeezy debuted their relationship to the world the couple has been met with both positive and negative reactions to their love. Past comments Jeannie made about her dating preference have been thrown in her face but all the hate has been outweighed since Jeannie and Jeezy’s love is far greater than any mean comment. “He’s introspective, he’s passionate, he’s incredibly deep, he’s a visionary, he’s a great leader, he’s an amazing servant to his community,” Jeannie said of her man. 

Jeannie and her The Real co-stars paid a visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood and of course, her relationship status came up where she explained the importance of exploring each other’s cultures. 

“I think when you look at the word ‘interracial,’ you should really look at it as ‘interresponsible.’ It is a responsibility when you date outside of your race to learn about that culture because not everybody’s experience is the same,” she explained.

“When he steps into my house he takes off his shoes, he knows how Vietnamese people do it. When I met him I was like, ‘I want to go to Hawkinsville [Georgia]. Show me exactly this yellow house that you grew up in, and how did you start your business and how did you understand how to make a dollar. I actually loved it.”

Watch the full clip below.

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