Inno Matijane Buys Himself A Brand New Car. One of the celebs making trending news today is Inno Matijane. The reality TV star and media personality has just bough himself a new car.

After the passing away of his mother, Inno couldn’t cope and struggled with suicidal thoughts. The two were very close, and losing his mother was such a big blow for Inno. Another thing, he lost everything, and had to sell his car to pay for his mom’s hospital bills. The great thing is Inno has bounced back, and he has just bought himself a new Mercedes Benz.

Last year I lost everything my place & sold my Mercedes Benz to pay my mom’s hospital bills. I lost her, may her soul Rest In Peace. But she’s been the strongest guardian angel fighting and protecting me and blessing me. Today I bought my new Mercedes Benz. Thank you God & mom,” he said .

Inno remains grateful to those who have been with him through it all. One of those is media personality and singer, Nandi Madida. He regards Nandi as a sister, who has been supportive of him from day one. Congratulations on your new baby, Inno.


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