Inside Hlomla Dandala’s Meltdown Exposing His Wife’s Affair – OkMzansi


Inside Hlomla Dandala’s Meltdown Exposing His Wife’s Affair! Social media seemed more surprised by the fact that Hlomla has a wife than his meltdown.

The actor shocked his followers when he went on a rant exposing his wife’s affair with a white man. In the since deleted posts on Imstagram, Hlomla shared photos of his wife with the side man and another photo of the other man’s son, all as part of the evidence. The actor claims his wife even left their young daughter to go on a holiday with the man she was having an affair with.

“When a man enters your house, gets intimate with your wife whilst your children are in the house knowing full well you are the husband and then publicised their pictures on social media for the world to see, what is meant to happen? Any thoughts @chiskop?,” Hlomla wrote tagging the other man.

See the series of Hlomla’s posts below.



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