Interview: Duktor Sett, the mastermind behind Basketmouth’s Yabasi album


Emerging music producer, Ezeoke Saviour Eni better known as Duktor Sett has been making waves on the music scene and one thing we can tell is this: He really does know his onions!

Jaguda got up close and personal with the prolific music producer and it was quite the expose with the Duktor who particularly came to the fore for his work with one time BBNaija winner Efe. Duktor Sett has ever since then been making strides and doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

Quite recently the producer worked with Basket mouth on the massively successful 10-track album dubbed Yabasi.

Jaguda met up with the producer to chat, and this is how it went:

After pleasantries,

Jaguda: So Who is Duktor Sett?

Duktor Sett: Duktor Sett’s real name is Ezeoke Saviour Eni, but professionally, I’m Dukta Sett… So, Duktor Sett is that calm, laidback guy that doesn’t like any problems. I mean, if it’s easy for me, it’s what i do and if it’s so hard i try to chill and bide my time. Basically Duktor Sett doesn’t want no drama

Jaguda: What inspired you to go into production?

Duktor Sett: At first i never really liked production, because, I felt it was easy stuff to do, like one person doing so many things. like how hard could that be? especially you can just do it the way you want. But It wasn’t until the first time that I tried it for myself combining instruments on my Yamaha PSR 550 keyboard (we were still using diskettes) that i got hooked. I played a couple of sounds and it was so fascinating how one person could actually do what he likes and do it well. So from not feeling folks doing it, I was now thinking about how to do it better and infuse my own creativity.

Jaguda: So one of your most recent works, Yabasi, with Basket Mouth was massive, what was it like working on the project?

Duktor Sett: Yabasi for me was a test-run for a particular life I was about to choose. I’ve actually been wanting do what i want on a project, not what’s trending, and then observe how people would respond. So Basketmouth approaching at that point in time brought about Yabasi because now I could artistes could come and vibe to what i wanted, to what i had in my head. working on Yabasi was quite the experience, the energy was right, everything was really fast. We knew the album was gonna be big even pre release.

Jaguda: Which artiste did you particularly enjoy working with on Yabasi?

Duktor Sett: Well, due to covid restrictions last year, I really didn’t get to meet all of the artistes. Artistes recorded from their spaces and sent them over. I met a couple of the artistes tho, i met Ceeza Milli, Zoro just to mention a few.

I think I really enjoyed working with Ceeza milli cos he came up with a lot of melodies, He was the first person i worked with on the project, He brought the project to life. Much props to Ceeza milli for making the project come to life. So basically, I enjoyed working with Ceeza milli.

Jaguda: Which was your favorite song on the album?

Duktor Sett: So yeah, my favorite song on the project is World People. Because that was the only song i really did me, nobody told me what to produce, i did everything like i wanted. That song for me was an experiment, i wanted to try out my ideas which i did and the results were good, Everybody like it. So basically, World People would be my favorite song.

Jaguda: How did the relationship with Basketmouth start?

Duktor Sett: So sometime in 2019, I made a skit in which i had people make sounds and then i combined these sounds and made a beat from them. It went viral on twitter and it got to Basketmouth and he reached out to me. From there we did a lot of soundtracks and he was like, we should do an album for my sitcom and i was in the right space at the right time. we basically have the same type of drive for work.

Jaguda: So we hear there’s another Basketmout/Duktor Sett project in the works, is it a sequel to Yabasi?

Duktor Sett: The next project is not a sequel, it’s actually a soundtrack for a movie, “Scorpio”. Funny enough, We started producing it right after Yabasi, since 2020. We are actually trying wrap things up on the soundtrack at the moment.

Jaguda: What should we expect in the new project?

Duktor Sett: I think with me and Basketmouth on the project, Basically just great music! That’s all we can do, we dish out great music, expect great music.

Jaguda: Over the years we’ve seen producers make albums and win awards for them, are you working on something of your own?

Duktor Sett: Yeah sure, i will definitely put something out. The time is not right yet but i will. I’ve got concepts I’m actually working on so I’m just going to attack this in my own way. I have stuff i’m personally going to be doing, so people should expect stuff from me. I feel I have a lot to show the world, expect a lot from me.

Jaguda: What advice would you give to aspiring producers? what are pitfalls to avoid?

Duktor Sett: Basically i like to say this as a producer, upcoming producer, there’s no advice that anybody could give that would be absolute. The only thing i can tell you is based off my experience, First of all, KNOW SOUND, know what sound means, know how sounds travels, know everything possible about sound because at the end of the day whatever gear you are going to be using, you have to bring out the sound. Sound is paramount.

At a point in your career when you realize you are not progressing like you expect and you feel like you’re regressing, I wouldn’t say don’t be discouraged. It’s okay to feel discouraged but do not dwell on it. The only thing i’d say is don’t stop working, don’t give up.

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