Is Khaya Mthethwa Ready to move on after Divorce?

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Khaya Mthethwa

There’s a big debate around Khaya Mthethwa‘s recent picture on Twitter and the masses are seriously bothered by how happy he seems to be post-divorce. Award-winning musician, Khaya Mthethwa shared a picture of himself on Twitter, which indicated that he’s ready to move on with his life.

Khaya Mthethwa

The picture was followed by this highly cryptic and interesting caption: ”I’m living, I’m healing, I’m believing, I’m definitely reinventing!

Khaya Mthethwa

Most Twitter users were seriously wondering if this could be his way of sharing how he is healing from his recent divorce. Other just assumed that the picture was sincere and innocuous.

In December 2019, Khaya Mthethwa and his wife, Ntandoyenkosi divorced after being married for only two years. The couple share a son, Oyinkosi Mthethwa, who remains a priority to both of the young parents.

An official statement shared by Ntandoyenkosi on Instagram, revealed that the split was amicable and that former Miss South Africa, has moved back to her hometown in Mpumalanga with their son in tow. The caption clearly states that Khaya is on a journey of healing and reinvention, but that hasn’t stopped the Tweeps from reading too much into the picture.

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