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Mzansi musical artist, J Molley was one of the few celebs who opened up after his death and he recently did so on his birthday.

J Molley celebrated his birthday this past weekend. To him it was more than just turning a year older. By some miracle, J Molley is still alive following his failed suicide attempt which left him in intensive care for 4 days.

Happy birthday to me. About a year ago I died on the operating table after a suicide attempt choking on my own blood coming out my nose and mouth. By a miracle I was brought back to life and fought for 4 days in ICU,” he said in his tweet.

J Molley

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Molley spoke about what happened that day and with the help of his girlfriend and friends, he was rushed to the hospital. He was also admitted into a psychiatric ward.

“My girlfriend saved my life and got me out that bathroom into the ambulance with the help of my close friends. I then hit rock bottom as if I thought I had already. After being admitted into a psychiatric prison cell against my will, 24/7 lockdown for a week with nothing but me, ” he continued.

He said he is extremely grateful to be alive and hopes for the same for anyone going through this devastating period. “Worst thing I’ve ever been through but it made me stronger than ever. I haven’t been suicidal ever since and today I celebrate another year on this earth. If I can make it out so can you. I’m here for a reason ain’t no doubt. Can’t wait to see how fate plays out.”

J Molley was one of the few artists who spoke to Riky before he hung himself.


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