Jackie Phamotse Launches An Academy For Aspiring Writers

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Jackie Phamotse Launches An Academy For Aspiring Writers. When you are doing well at something, a lot of people what you to share the recipe of your success. But if you are like Jackie Phamotse, you share without even being asked. Just a week ago, she was celebrating being a best seller, now Phamotse wants to assist those who are aspiring to be like her, if not better.

Jackie has written a couple of books, and all of them have caught the attention of many readers. As controversial as some think he books are, they are quite relatable, and sell like fat cakes. The talented author wants to share her gift with first time writers, and those who struggle to get their books published.

I am finally opening the door for new writers and people who want to have their books published! After years of self publishing , I have realized that many writers go unnoticed because they lack the funding to publish. Now my writing academy will teach you basic creative writing skills and I will also teach you about the business of self publishing,” she announced.

She also wants to engage with established authors who can share their journey in the field. The Writers Club classes will commence on the 12th of August 2020.

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