Tommy Fury was recently denied entry into the United States which is very inconvenient considering he has a fight against Jake Paul coming up on August 6th. It was eventually reported that Fury was flagged due to his family’s ties to an Irish criminal by the name of Daniel Kinahan. This is a big issue for Fury going forward, and there is no telling whether or not he will be able to get into the U.S. in time for the fight. 

In the eyes of Jake Paul, there is a very easy solution to all of this. In a rant on Twitter, Paul claimed that he has spoken to Fury’s lawyers, who are telling Tommy to simply go to the embassy and get his situation resolved. As Paul noted, however, Fury is refusing to do so, and he has essentially ghosted Paul’s camp.

Jake Paul

Warren Little/Getty Images

“We’ve spoken to Tommy Fury’s lawyers. They are all advising him to just go to the embassy to get his Visa,” Paul said. “That’s all he has to do, but Tommy is showing no urgency. He hasn’t gone yet. He’s not communicating with us on what he’s doing. Is it another case of Tommy Fumbles being scared to fight me? I think the Fury family is manipulating something here to make me fight in the UK.”

Paul went on to say that if he does want the fight to go down in the UK, he will need $15 million for his troubles. The Pay Per View numbers and brand deals are worth more in the States, and Paul wants his money to make this happen.

Stay tuned to HNHH as this continues to be a developing story.