James Harden’s time in Brooklyn hasn’t exactly been the best. While he is still a solid option for the Nets, he just isn’t the player he used to be. His production is down, and it is crystal clear that the rules change has completely killed his ability to get the foul calls and buckets he used to. With that being said, there are now rumors that Harden will be looking to leave the Nets, especially as he becomes a free agent this summer.

What makes these rumors more interesting is the fact that Harden is likely going to be pursued by the Philadelphia 76ers, who are trying to make a Ben Simmons trade. With this in mind, there are some pretty interesting scenarios that could play out closer to the Summer. 

James Harden

Al Bello/Getty Images

Now, even more bombshells are being revealed in relation to Harden. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Harden doesn’t even enjoy living in Brooklyn, which has led to some of his discontent. In addition to this, Harden is not a fan of Kyrie Irving’s attitude, and he is resentful of the fact that Kyrie only has to play half of the games this season. 

These reports come at an interesting time, especially with the trade deadline coming up on February 10th. For now, Harden will remain with the Nets, but once the Summer rolls around, we are in for one interesting free agency period.