Monday, September 28, 2020

Jay-Z Not Happy When Someone Pulled Phone Out During Diddy’s Party


Someone should’ve told him.

In new footage surfaced from Diddy’s star-studded 50th birthday celebration, Jay Z wasn’t not pleased when he spotted an attendee executing a major faux pas in his presence. Jay and Beyoncé’s very private life was at the root of Jay’s sentiments when he was seen snatching a man’s phone from his hands as he recorded a video.

Right next to the man were Jay, Bey, Kelly Rowland, and Saweetie, and while the camera was not necessarily on the three women, Jay took no chances. 

Deeper inspection looks to produce Jay-Z nodding toward his wife, giving the man the rationale behind his behavior before the camera that captures the entire moment quickly pans away. Jay-Z’s failure to capture the person behind this viral clip, however, raises some questions about his vigilance in the end. Perhaps, it was proximity that did the other partygoer in.



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