Jeezy might be the trapper of the year 4x in a row but he has never limited himself to that. Over the course of his career, his mixtape cuts and album cuts have offered different sides to him. The Recession 2, in a sense, feels like he’s trying to capture both sides of that coin, delivering muddy, trunk-rattling bangers for the trap and more mature records that reflect on his state of growth.

Among the many highlights of the project, Jeezy continues to prove that his chemistry with Ne-Yo on wax never fails. The two team up on “The Glory,” backed by funky vocal samples as Jeezy declares that he’s ready to G-Step into the night while Ne-Yo lays down some heavenly melodies.

Peep their new collaboration below.

Quotable Lyrics
Thug motivation, yeah I did it for the thugs
Wasn’t for the money, I just done it for the love
Eyes wide shut, bitch I’m lookin’ for the hate shit
Lookin’ too real, I started lookin’ for the fake, sheesh


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