Jennifer Bala opens up about her complications after her cesarean section

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Jennifer Bala recently took to her social media to share her pregnancy journey.

The star gave details of how her life changed after she gave birth to her third child.

The Balas welcomed their daughter on July 7 this year.

Jennifer however, went on to share that she had to undergo a caesarean section to deliver her baby.

“Taking time to adjust to my new normal while hubby is also out of town. Juggling a working from home #momlife .all while trying to recover from my caesarean, which left me with some minor complications,” she wrote.

Jennifer revealed that her lab results suggested she had a severe bacterial infection.

“Got called into the gynae’s rooms today because apparently my lab results indicated I had a severe, extremely resistant  bacterial infection that can only be treated by an IV antibiotic for which one has to be admitted into hospital.”

The star concluded that she is happy she’s healing and hopes it as soon as possible.

“Thank God my incision tells a different story so I am able to stay home and heal without any further meds or anything. I guess these day to day challenges keep us on our toes and makes us all the more grateful for our blessings and everything that’s going well or could be worse.”

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