Joel Embiid Is Hitting On Rihanna Again

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Joel Embiid Is Hitting On Rihanna Again


Joel Embiid woke up from surgery with one thing on his mind: Rihanna.

Joel Embiid put his loyal fans on short notice when he advised them to stop hassling Rihanna. She had been reticent if not completely defensive over his advances. You may recall, Joel Embiid picked Rihanna as his celebrity crush shortly after the 2014 NBA Draft. He came storming out the gate, as soon as he decided to scale back his flirtations, the Sixers’ fans began spamming her social media day and night. Embiid had seemingly moved on, as indicated by this Q&A with Kristen Ledlow on national tv.




Well it appears Joel’s sentiment has not been frayed. Embiid, who recently suffered a orbital fracture after colliding with rookie Markelle Fultz, tweeted at Rihanna from his hospital bed, asking the Barbadian Pop Star if he was single. He shows a little bit of tact, waiting for the deposition before jumping in head first. He also refers to himself as an All-Star, an accolade he rightfully earned this season. You may recall, Rihanna first rejected Embiid by suggesting he “come back when you’re a All Star.” Well Rihanna, you made your bed now lie in it.




Embiid has plenty of time to plan his romantic overture while he recovers from his orbital fracture, two weeks to be exact. The Philadelphia Sixers were able to dispatch the Atlanta Hawks last night without his services, but you can bet he was cheering from afar.





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