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Francois Klarke lives in Canada these days – but he’s spent plenty of time on the road over the last few years and his latest album, Adventure Book is an ode to just that. 

The multi-faceted muso, who’s track “Always” was both featured in the Netflix film Feel The Beat and covered by Disney star Sofia Carson, takes his cues this time around from a melting pot of classical orchestral sound, pop tropes, and neo-soul tendencies to tell a classic tale of exploration and what you find along the way. 

Opener “Amanecer (Antigua, Guatemala)” sets the scene as an apt ode to the sunrise – swelling orchestral strings and delicate piano laying the foundations for what’s to come. “Fuego” comes as a tribute to experiencing a town through new eyes, from the cobbled paving to the smoking volcano on the skyline – fleshed out in pulsing electronics as he blends genre with nostalgic finesse. 

Within his, admittedly diverse, chosen genre bracket, Klarke lets this album meander wherever it may. From childhood nostalgia (“Pirates”) to a love song to the world at large (“Beautiful Universe”) – only erring perhaps on the basis of a little too much sentimentality, and one too many cliche phrases, now and then. 

“Celia” and “Paper Planes” are replete in crooning, sometimes cheesy, dotage – while “Bedtime Stories” pulls on those neo-soul tropes while simultaneously pinning it against a thudding backbone beat for some extra vigour. Then “Atardecer (Oaxaca, Mexico)” brings things full circle with an extended, rousing classical outro that takes the album from dawn to dusk in the simplest way.

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