Justine Skye and Lil Yachty are stopping the rumour mill in its tracks. Since early January, people have been speculating that the two recording artists are in a relationship since they’ve been spending some time together, but a recently posted and then deleted TikTok shows the famous duo setting the record straight.

The clip begins with a screenshot of a Bossip tweet reading “coupled up? Justine Skye seems to celebrate ‘birthday’ with Lil Yachty three months following rapper fathering a baby,” text written on top reads “when blogs be loud and wrong.”

Gotham/Getty Images

As the app’s “come look at this” sound plays, Lil Boat steps into the camera’s view, where he and his friend burst out laughing, shutting down claims being made by the media and gossip sites. 

Complex points out that it was just a few months ago when Skye was on Instagram Live venting about the end of another toxic relationship, said to be with R&B singer Giveon. “As soon as he would hang up off the phone with me, as soon as he would hang up with me, he would literally be texting bitches like ‘FaceTime me. What are you doing? I’m here. Why aren’t you calling me?” she recalled as her followers watched on.

“I see what he’s doing, the girl just pulled up,” the “Know Myself” singer shared at the time. “So I’m just like, ‘Call me, bro. Just call me. I’m giving you so many opportunities.'”

“And then I just let it rip. I say, ‘My friend just saw you go up to your room with a girl.’ No response from him. Complete silence from him. But I have his phone so I see him texting everybody,” she continued, revealing that she could see the cheater in question texting his best friend “I f*cked up” messages while ignoring her – read more about Justine Skye and Giveon’s messy breakup here.