Kam Chancellor Reveals He’s Starting His Own Shoe Collection

Chancellor is going for something comfortable, yet fashionable.

After a successful Super Bowl-winning career in the National Football League, Kam Chancellor is now taking his talents to the fashion world as he told TMZ that he is launching a brand new shoe collection. Chancellor is a big fan of fashionable footwear but wanted to put his own spin on the industry as he felt there was a lack of comfortable options on the market. As the former NFLer explained, he is looking to sell dress shoes for both men and women and even hopes his NFL friends will start wearing them.

“I had a closet full of designer shoes and they weren’t comfortable, so my feet suffered,” Chancellor noted. “That pushed me to start my own shoe line to create some cool looking shoes, but also comfortable shoes and also affordable shoes. That’s what pushed me down that road.”

The price of these shoes is around $115 USD which is very affordable when you consider what you’re getting. The kicks are already selling in stores throughout Chicago and Seattle and as you would imagine, Chancellor’s goal is to expand the business. He even got to help design the shoes which just adds to his investment in the company.

His brand is called The Chancellor Collection and you can see some product samples in the Instagram posts below.


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