Today is a very special day in the career of Kanye West as it marks the 10-year anniversary of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In the eyes of many, this is Kanye’s magnum opus and could very well be considered to be the greatest album of all-time. From start to finish, Kanye provided fans with a stunningly gorgeous soundscape that featured a plethora of talented artists, record producers, and engineers. Of course, the album has some undeniable standouts like “Monster,” “All Of The Lights,” “Gorgeous,” “Runaway,” and, of course, “Devil In A New Dress” with Rick Ross.

From the heavenly vocal samples to the braggadocios bars, Kanye was at his absolute best on this track. Rick Ross’s contribution to the song is just as incredible, especially when you consider how Ye actually forced Ross to re-write the verse. This turned out to be an amazing decision as “Devil In A Dress” arguably contains the best verse of Ross’s illustrious career. Not to mention, who can forget that Mike Dean guitar solo featured halfway through the song?

When it comes to MBDTF, everyone has their favorites, but there is no denying “Devil In A New Dress” was a defining moment in both Kanye’s and Ross’s careers.

Quotable Lyrics:

Text message break up, the casualty of tour
How she gone wake up and not love me no more?
I thought I was the asshole, I guess it’s rubbing off
Hood phenomenon, the Lebron of rhyme
Hard to be humble when you stuntin’ on a jumbotron


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