Karim Lumumba was one of Malawi’s most-wanted fugitives before his tragic death, he fled Malawi only to return in a casket. This is after he was involved in a tragic car accident allong with Ginimbi, Moana and Alichia Adams who also perished. 

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 Karim’s family confirmed that his remains were released with a Burial by Order which was issued by the authorities after they conducted DNA tests to confirm Karim’s body.

After his body was identified he was held in Harare until he could be transported back to Malawi for burial. 

The accident occured after leaving Ginimbi’s nightclub, and below is Ginimbi’s last words. 

“Guys, it’s time to go out, it’s gonna be going down. We’re going to Dreams (nightclub) in the next few minutes, it’s gonna be going down. It’s Moana’s birthday, we’re going to pop champagne, it’s gonna be champagne showers tonight, see you there,”

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