Kawhi Leonard “Championship Mural” Crops Up In Los Angeles Ahead Of Free Agency

Lakers fans are painting murals of Kawhi Leonard clutching the NBA Championship in purple & gold.

Two weeks ago a mural depicting Anthony Davis in purple and gold was erected in the Los Angeles area. Granted, at this point, the Lakers were only 24 hours removed from agreeing to terms with the Pelicans; the mural’s manifestation in a very short time, felt the slightest bit premature, given the fact Anthony Davis has a lot of ground cover if he wants to join the Lakers’ pantheon with Magic, Kobe and such. And yet, murals don’t impose their will like say.. a permanent tattoo. With a double-coat of paint, Anthony Davis’ likeness could just as easily be expunged, like a poster sleeve on borrowed time.

That said, NBA murals in Los Angeles have become a regularity – to the point where Lakers’ fans have begun using public space in their recruitment of potential free agents. Take this Kawhi Leonard mural that cropped up in LA this past week. Above his portraiture reads the following pitch line: KAWHI NOT? – the bolded parts colored purple.

In truth, Kawhi Leonard has given anyone outside his inner circle a clear indication of where he’d like to sign. Evidently, the two LA franchises are in the running for his services, and as reported – were granted in-person meetings with the player himself. Nevertheless, the Raptors remain the frontrunners in the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes because of a tightly-held window of opportunity, and most of all, his leverage in negotiating a short term deal in accordance with that “window of opportunity.” If you’re a betting person, and I bet you are, where do you gather Kawhi will sign with, and for how long? His us in the comments below.


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