Khanyi Mbau gets royal welcome back in Dubai from Kudzi – Video

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Media personality Khanyi Mbau is back in Dubai like she never left and her bae Kudzai Mushonga is a happy man, who went out of his way to give his woman a royal welcome back to the desert city.

After chanting “shiti indoda eDubai” and then making a hit track out of it with Sir Trill, Khanyi Mbau has changed her tune to ”landela indoda eDubai”.

The queen of bling boarded a first class flight back to Dubai on Thursday, heading back to her bae. She shared a snap of her passport with the plane ticket while waiting for her flight at the airport and switched off the comment section on Instagram.

The pair’s relationship hogged headlines when Khanyi abruptly left Dubai during their vacation and landed in SA without Kudzai’s knowledge. This led to Kudzai thinking Khanyi had gone missing and the whole thing played out on Instagram as Mzansi watched.khanyi1

However, as things unfolded it became clear that Kudzai was remorseful and Khanyi was willing to forgive him. The pair must have fixed what was broken because last week Khanyi was video calling Dubai and the pair were having an online party for two.

They have also been saying cute things to each other on social media, with Kudzai always singing Khanyi’s praises and Khanyi admitting that she didn’t harbour any ill-feelings towards the Zimbabwean businessman.


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