He has regularly taken to stages to vocalize his political stances and Kid Rock is reiterating what people already knew about him on his latest single. On Tuesday (January 25), the rocker released his anti-liberal, anti-vaccine, anti-President Joe Biden song “We the People,” and it is a far cry from hits like “Cowboy.” It’s normal to see celebrities, especially musicians, vocalize their support for certain causes or efforts, and despite receiving backlash for some of his comments, Kid Rock is steadfast in what he views as pro-American rhetoric.

In his new controversial single, Rock makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in wearing a mask and has jumped aboard the “Let’s Go Brandon” train by chanting the anti-Biden phrase repeatedly.

Kid Rock
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

But COVID’s near, it’s coming to town / We gotta act quick, shut our borders down / Joe Biden does, the media embraces / Big Don does it and they call him racist,” Rock raps on the record. “Inflation’s up, like the minimum wage / So it’s all the same, it ain’t a damn thing changed (Hey-yeah Hey-yeah) / You piece of sh*t, I don’t see color / ‘Black lives matter’, no sh*t motherf*cker.

Conservatives have taken to social media to praise Kid Rock and his latest effort, while the rocker’s detractors didn’t have as nice of things to say. You can listen to “We the People” for yourself below and read through a few reactions.