The Lagos State Government on Saturday announced that restaurants and fast-food outlets in the state would be allowed to operate dine-in services effective August 14.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu made this disclosure during a briefing at the State House, Marina.

Restaurants and eateries in Nigeria’s commercial capital had been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic – though they reopened for takeout services in May.

But on Saturday, Gov Sanwo-Olu announced that, “Restaurants will now be permitted for dine-in services from the 14th of August with the provision to keep 50 percent occupancy capacity, meaning that they can now open from the 14th but ensure that they keep 50 percent of their capacity for dine-in provision.

“We will also ensure that our safety commission continues to issue them certificates of compliance. They can still go to our website which I am sure all of them know already.

“Social clubs and recreation centers will also be allowed to open – the ones that have applied to the safety commission. Some of them have met the conditions while some of them have not. They will go back and recertify them to ensure that they are ready.

“Clubs and centers that reopen without compliance with this mandatory requirement will be shut when enforcers go round.

“However, we will still not be able to open cinemas, night clubs and game arcades for now but we will be observed in the weeks after the first opening to see how events turn before we come back to other social activities around night clubs, spas, game arcades, and cinemas. We will review when they are safe to open.”

He also announced that places of worship will reopen August 7.


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