Lonzo Ball suffered a knee injury earlier this season and it put a huge damper on the Chicago Bulls’ championship aspirations. The point guard was the backbone of the team in many ways and once he went down with an injury, it was hard for the Bulls to keep up their momentum. They quickly fell in the Eastern Conference standings and eventually, they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs.

Following the team’s season, Lonzo was very honest about his knee injury, noting that he might need a second surgery in order to be ready for next season. His knee was reportedly healing at a standstill and there was plenty of concern that he was headed towards a very serious problem.

LaVar Ball

Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Today, Bulls fans got some very good news as Lonzo’s father LaVar was on ESPN radio. During his time on the show below, LaVar noted that Lonzo is starting to feel better and that he will not need that second surgery. In LaVar’s eyes, Lonzo will be ready for next season.

Perhaps the most striking revelation from the shoe came when Ball stated that Zach LaVine will probably leave in free agency. While the Lonzo news is good, the LaVine revelation is definitely disturbing.

Bulls fans will have split emotions on these comments, however, it is always good to see a young player getting healthy. Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates from the basketball world.