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LeBron James Talks About Maybe Playing With Bronny One Day

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LeBron’s son put on a clinic at Staples on Saturday.

Bronny James Jr. got to play at the Staples Center on Saturday night as Sierra Canyon took on LeBron’s former team St-Vincent, St-Mary’s. In the end, Bronny put on a show as he led his team with 19 points, all while winning the game in convincing fashion. It was a tremendous showing for the high school star, and it certainly put a big smile on the face of his father, who was watching from the sidelines.

Recently, LeBron was asked by ClutchPoints about Bronny’s special evening, and what it meant to him. LeBron even spoke out on the possibility of someday playing with Bronny, who could be two or three years away from entering the NBA. As you can see, LeBron certainly enjoys the prospect of that happening.

“I think just a proud dad moment — seeing my kids play the game of basketball, which they love to do,” LeBron said. Both of them. Always taught him to just play hard, have fun and stretch, before every game… Be a great teammate, and just play the game that you love to play. To be there Saturday night at Staples, where is my home… And to see the way my oldest son performed in front of our whole family and friends …nothing brings more joy to me. […] Absolutely. My son’s putting in the work. We never talk about it. But his dream is to play in the NBA — that’s what he hopes, to be in the NBA.”

While making the NBA is no easy task, Bronny certainly has the guidance to get there if he chooses to pursue basketball to his fullest. In the meantime, you can check out his highlights from last night, down below.


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